About Security Guide

Welcome to the Australian Security Industry


The original website was first available online in 2008. At the time there was little in the way of finding providers by any means other than search engines. It was built and designed to meet the needs of consumers, businesses and the industry alike. Without any form of promotion or rankings, it still managed to attract over a million visitors.


In this new era, it was time for a major upgrade. One that works across multiple devices, provides detailed up to date information and ease of use. Having worked extensively in the security and investigation industry, a lot of knowledge and thought has gone towards this development.

Security Guide is an online gateway to the Australian security industry. The guide is geared towards security industry businesses and professionals, those whose clients are from within the security industry, and individuals, organisations and businesses requiring security services, products or information.

The online security directory is an easy to use resource for those seeking security services and products. Categorised, searchable, comprehensive, on-topic and human edited to provide the quality of results you expect.

And it doesn’t stop there. Security Guide is also a community. We’re here to promote conversation and content for discussion through our online security forum.