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Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and installers of vehicle and car security devices including car alarms, gps tracking, steering locks and engine immobilisers.
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About Vehicle Security
With over 235 motor vehicles stolen within Australia each day, it is important to consider your vehicles security. Those especially at risk are owners of cars manufactured in the 1980's, as these equate to more than half of all stolen vehicles.

You can however take a number of steps to help reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen, and certainly reduce the chance for opportunistic car thieves that rely on only the most basic of tools.

Car Alarms
Electronic devices that when triggered emit a high volume sound to deter would-be theives.

Prevents the engine from starting or running unless the correct key or code has been used to first disable the immobiliser. A requirement for new vehicles in Australia.

Steering Locks
Highly visible deterrent that prevents the steering wheel from being turned to full lock when in use.

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