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Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response Services

Companies providing mobile patrols and alarm response services throughout Australia.
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Mobile Patrol Services Overview
Mobile Security Patrols visit a number of clients premises at varying intervals by vehicle, and are particularly useful where a static guard is not required.

Security Patrols are normally active when businesses and premises are closed such as night times, weekends and holidays.

The role of a mobile patrol officer is to prevent loss to clients, regardless of what the cause of that loss may be.

Duties may include initial checks to ensure a premises is locked down and secure, alarm response, personnel checks (to ensure staff working later are safe), static guard checks and relief on posts requiring foot patrols, closing of premises such as Laundromats and Hotel pools & gymnasiums, escort for staff to vehicles at late night closing times, surveillance, irregular and random patrols of premises, and response to incidents including fire, flood, and burglary.

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