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Retail Security

Suppliers of retail security and loss prevention products and services within Australia.
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Listing  Brackley Industries  
Brackley Industries offer a large and diverse range of cost effective, interactive and high quality security products to suit any retail environment.
Alexandria, NSW, Australia
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About Retail Security and Loss Prevention
Retail Security encompasses the products and services, ways and means, which assist in the prevention of loss by theft to retail shops.
"Shoplifting accounts for over 60% of all crimes in Australia" *
The Benefits of Retail Security

An estimated $2.5 billion is lost each year by Australian retailers through shrinkage. On average 1.5% of sales are lost, although some reports have this as high as 3-5%. This has a profound impact on profit margins and affects the bottom line.

Employing retail security and loss prevention measures aids in reducing theft and shrinkage.

* Source: Australian Institute of Criminology

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