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Crowd Control

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Crowd Controller Services Overview
Crowd Controllers, as their name suggests, are used to control people in places where crowds occur. Crowd Controllers commonly work in night clubs, pubs, and at events.

In the past, "Bouncers" as they were commonly known, were for the most part untrained in proper crowd control techniques. In todays age however, crowd controllers must be properly trained and licensed to gain employment and work in the field.

The importance of proper crowd control techniques is paramount to ensure a situation does not get out of hand and create further problems for the client or their premises, and to ensure the safety of patrons. This is especially important where alcohol is consumed.

A Crowd Controllers duties may include ID checks, escorting people from a premises, access control, ensuring the safety of patrons at events and clubs, and to act as a visible deterrent.

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Crowd Control Training
If you are interested in a career as a crowd controller, find companies in your area offering crowd control courses. Information on obtaining your crowd control licence is also available.